Featured Food: Yinzburgh BBQ

I won’t be working in the East End much longer and I’ve decided to take advantage of all of the delicioso food options while I can. And since yesterday was the last Saturday that I will (hopefully) ever have to work, I wanted to go all out.

A co-worker mentioned a sandwich that included mac & cheese. Mac & cheese! On a sammich! I was intrigued, and admittedly a bit frightened. Coworker pulled up the menu for Yinzburgh BBQ on Baum Blvd in Oakland. I only needed to give it a quick onceover and I knew what I needed to do: MC Wrapper with pulled chicken, cornbread on the side and Honey Gold sauce for dipping.

I was dying for comfort food and couldn’t wait to try this (hangriness may have also played a part). Coworker returned from picking up the order after what seemed like an obscene amount of time and this is what he brought me:

Yinzburgh 2

A slice of cornbread that kind of looked like pizza and a nicely compact wrap. We all dug in and it was… okay. The chicken was dry and the mac was lacking it’s counterpart. However, the Honey Gold sauce was tasty and helped with the dryness. The cornbread wasn’t sweet but was great with some butter.


My coworkers rated their Wrappers a 3.2 and a 5.5 respectively. I think it warrants another try. Perhaps it was an off day for the kitchen and/or there was a cheese draught. And I always account for the fact that take-out is never as good as when you eat it at the restaurant.

I’d be interested in trying the pulled pork and brisket MC Wrappers along with the variety of sauces that are offered. And don’t take our word for it; check them out here and see for yourself.



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