Life Changing Brownies

I have been searching for these brownies my entire life.

I’ve mentioned that I loathe cakey brownies. There’s nothing worse for me (other than whipped cream frosting) than biting into a brownie only to discover that it’s really a small piece of cake. If I want a piece of cake, then I’ll have a piece of cake (and I do). I stay away from grocery store brownies for the most part as they tend to be small cakes labeled as brownies. Even bakery brownies can be hit or miss. A brownie doesn’t have to be iced but it sure does help if it’s a cakey brownie. Who wants a piece of cake without frosting? If your brownie isn’t fudgy, you need to slap some frosting on it.

Up until now, my favorite brownie has been Mrs. Fields’ Frosted Walnut Brownie. Sufficient fudginess, walnuts and fudge frosting. It’s better than anything I’ve had in years. Unfortunately, I don’t like to go to the mall so I don’t have them very often. But that doesn’t matter now because I have found the most amazing brownie that has ever existed.

I’d already decided that I would use this recipe from I am Baker for the people who won brownies by following me on Facebook and Instagram (you should follow me too. You may just win some goodies). And I’ve spent the better part of the last few weeks thinking about this recipe. I mean, just LOOK AT THIS PHOTO:

iambakerbrownies(Stolen from I am Baker’s blog)

So I figured, hey, I’d better test out this recipe before I go around giving them to people. After lying around all day on Saturday watching The Walking Dead and thinking about brownies, I got myself to the grocery store and started baking at about 8pm.

The recipe is so easy to make. This is the kind of recipe that will make you say, “Be right back. I’m going to whip up some brownies.” That easy. It took me just over an hour from mixing to eating.

This recipe calls for an 8×8 pan, which I don’t have. I doubled the recipe and used a 9×13 pan and it worked out perfectly, although mine did come out thinner than they are in I am Baker’s photos. I’ll get around to getting some 8×8 pans at some point, and I’ll still double the recipe and make 2 pans.


Now, while mixing the ingredients, you’ll notice that they’re very dry. This is okay. This is what makes the brownies fudgy. If the batter was wet and runny it would turn out like cake. So just keep mixing. When you add the butter the mixture will become wet but does not become runny.

I threw some chocolate chips on top before baking because chocolate. I am Baker suggests removing the brownies 5-10 minutes early to ensure maximum fudginess. This was hard to do since I had doubled with recipe and was using a bigger pan. I let them bake for about 30 minutes, until the center no longer jiggled.

IMG_5387 EDIT.jpg

I am Baker says that her frosting recipe is perfect for these brownies, so of course that’s what I used. I was slightly skeptical about using a chocolate frosting with honey in it, but why not? I trust her. I made one batch thinking that a thin layer of frosting on brownies would be sufficient (I was momentarily possessed by a demon) and then realized that wouldn’t be nearly enough. I made a second batch. According to I am Baker, this frosting is made to be put on warm brownies so I didn’t bother waiting for them to cool completely. Only, the frosting began to melt as I spread it over the brownies. I got nervous. What if this runny melted frosting ruined my brownies?! Luckily it didn’t melt completely and then it even started to harden slightly.

IMG_5389 EDIT.jpg

I served brownies to Mama Bear and my aunt, who was visiting. For the next 5 minutes all they could say was, “Mmm…”

I had my brownie a little later when I could sit down and enjoy it and Oh. My. God.  This is the best and fudgiest brownie I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. Ever. The frosting  was chocolately and the honey added a certain sweetness to it.

The best part about the frosting, though, is that it crusted perfectly overnight. It may sound kind of gross but I am a firm believer that brownie frosting is supposed to crust. It reminds me of the brownies that were sold for a quarter in my junior high school cafeteria. Before Mrs. Fields, these were the best brownies.

This batch of brownies are long gone but I can’t stop thinking about them. They were life changing and if you make this recipe it will be the only brownie recipe you will ever use for the rest of your life.

I asked Boy if they were they the best brownies he’d ever had and he said, “I’ve had better.” He is a LIAR.

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