Featured Food: August Henry’s City Saloon

After completing the 21 Day Fix  I decided to celebrate my 10 lb loss by eating. It’s what I do.

My friend Kevin (who is and always has been a girl) and I wanted to try something new. And by that I mean we wanted to try the same food we always eat at a different place. So I checked out the menus at a few of the places near my office downtown. I’ve been working here for nearly 3 months and still haven’t ventured out much. I sent Kevin a couple of screen shots of August Henry’s menu: buffalo chicken dip, cheese fries, burgers, potato skins, stuffed pretzels… we were both sold.

It was 4:30 on a Monday so the place was pretty empty at first. It filled up as time went on. The interior has an old style to it, definitely like a saloon. Lots of dark wood and such. But not old as in worn. Pittsburgh is an old city and I’ve seen some crummy places around here. August Henry’s is clean and shiny.

Kevin ordered wine and I had my favorite: vanilla vodka and ginger ale. As for dinner, I had such a hard time deciding what to eat. I seriously considered ordering one of each so I could try everything. In the end Kevin and I went with the same thing, a stuffed soft pretzel and an order of potato skins.

The pretzel was incredible. It was crispy on the outside and stuffed with gooey cheddar and jalapenos. I appreciated that it came with ranch dressing on the side and it was decent.


The potato skins looked amazing. Kevin tried one and said, “Eh, they’re a little dry.” I hoped that she’d gotten a bad batch but mine were dry as well. They weren’t terrible, they had plenty of cheese and bacon, they were just on the dry side. Maybe they were slightly overdone or needed a little olive oil. I still ate 4 of them.


Kevin and I hung out, had a couple of drinks and left at nearly 8pm. The service was good and although the tables were filling up, I didn’t feel pressured to leave. Now that I think of it, I guess we could have moved to the bar if we wanted to hang out. Oops.

Anyway, I’ll be heading back to August Henry’s soon. I may try the potato skins again and see if it was a fluke. They were really good otherwise. The pretzel alone is worth going back for. And I need to try one of those burgers. Looks like I’ll be ordering one of each.

Check out August Henry’s City Saloon here!

*Please excuse the photo quality


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