Ghosts of Baking Past

Since I haven’t been baking or eating out lately I thought I’d share some of the baking I did before I started the blog. I no longer have recipes for most of them but I’ll include the ones that I do have. Most of them were really good. Some needed work. And one should have never been made.

Let’s start with my pink ombre cake. I made this in the middle of the ombre craze of 2015. I couldn’t help myself, I had to jump on that bandwagon. I loved the color possibilities almost as much as I loved the challenge. I no longer have the recipe but I do know that I used a traditional white cake recipe and a white chocolate frosting recipe. I remember that I couldn’t get the white chocolate to melt correctly so I gave up and used a white buttercream. It turned out really well taste-wise, although not as tall as I would have liked it and I will definitely go with a softer color next time. Here she is:


Next up are the beach cupcakes I made for a cookout a few years ago. A coworker suggested them and we wasted company time by Googling recipes. I don’t have the recipe but I believe I just used regular white cake and regular chocolate cake with white buttercream. I colored some of the buttercream blue to look like water, and the “sand” is made of crushed graham crackers. I had a lot of fun arranging the decorations, like the gum bent to look like beach chairs and the Lifesavers used for inner tubes. Looking at these beach cupcakes makes me miss summer even more. Anyway, I’d say they were a pretty big hit at the cookout.


It must have been February 2015 that we got a lot of snow, right? I’d decided to make banana bread for the first time because, as a baker, I feel that I don’t bake enough bread. I was so glad I did and that the recipe makes 2 loaves because that’s all I had to eat for 2 days. Not that I minded. I went outside to clean the snow off of my car so I could go grocery shopping but by the time I had one side clean the other side was covered in snow again. What was I to do? Give up and eat banana bread for 2 days, of course. I should make this for my nephew because he loves “nanas.” It’s really good and here’s the recipe.


A company I worked for a few years ago exchanged Christmas gifts within our department. I had no idea what to get anyone and HELLO, I’m a baker. So I baked non-Christmas cookies for everyone and put them in cute Christmas tins. This was before I had a stand mixer (not that it matters that I have one now since it’s been broken for a year) and my friend John invited me to bake cookies at his house.  I assume we drank and I know we had a lot of fun and we made a TON of cookies.


When I got my Wilton cake leveler, I was SO excited to use it. I wanted to make a multi-layer cake so I could level all of the layers. I don’t remember what recipes I used but the chocolate butter cream was so dry that it wouldn’t spread. Even after adding a ton of milk, it was the consistency of Play-doh. I ended up pressing the frosting onto the cake with my fingers. I call it the Play-doh Cake, and as you can see I may have gone a little overboard with the leveling.


I’d forgotten all about these brookies until I came across the photo. I just know that my cousin and I became obsessed with brookies when she found some at a gas station. They were incredible and I had to make them. These are different that the packaged ones at the gas station, but they look so good. Too bad I don’t remember how they tasted.


I made these pumpkin cupcakes for a friend’s annual Halloween party. They had cream cheese frosting and I topped them with candy corn and pumpkins. Easy peasy and tasted really good. Too bad my friend and my cousin got into a drunken food fight and most of them were ruined. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU.


These Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes are some of my favorites. The recipe came from one of Martha Stewart’s cupcake books and they are delish. The cake is dense and I love to top them with tons of frosting. And they really do taste like cookie dough! Can’t go wrong with these.


Not sure where I got this recipe but these s’mores cookie sandwiches are super easy to make. You can use refrigerated cookie dough if you want (but I’ll judge you), marshmallow cream and Hershey’s spread or melted chocolate chips. They are ooey gooey delicious and perfect for hot summer days when you don’t want to heat up the kitchen too much.


Here’s another one that I don’t remember baking. I do vaguely remember that they turned out pretty good, although the fudge frosting was a little on the thin side. It was almost like a ganache but… fudgier.


I used to have a coworker who also baked and one day she told me about the phenomenon of the mug cake. Apparently it was a pretty big deal at the time but I’d never heard of it. That night I went straight home and baked me a mug cake. And it was disgusting. Don’t ever bake a mug cake. This dessert shouldn’t be a thing. (That’s peanut butter, in case you’re wondering.)


Have you ever craved something you’ve never even had before? This happened to me 20 years ago with buffalo chicken and ranch dressing and I haven’t looked back. This also happened to me when a coworker told me about milk pie. This was the same coworker who told me about the mug cake and I should have been skeptical, but I craved this milk pie. Sounds gross, right? I couldn’t help it. After 2 weeks I finally gave in and made one. It was… okay. The consistency was kind of gelatinous and I guess I was expecting something smooth and creamy like cheesecake.


And finally, the blondies. These were so good and I wish I had the recipe. I added extra vanilla (TBH, I do that with everything) and they turned out perfect. Like a cookie with the consistency of a brownie. Perfection.


Oh, and here are my ice cream sundae cupcakes. Check out my decorating skills!


Just kidding, I got this at Prantl’s Bakery. But you believed me for a second, right?



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