Featured Sweet Spot: Oakmont Bakery

As if Oakmont Bakery needs to be advertised. I’ve been hearing about it for years and have tried a couple of their baked goods at parties and when coworkers brought some to work. The brownies in particular are incredible. But I’d never been there despite it being not that far away from my house. I remember seeing it from afar a couple of years ago when I was in the area but it was past closing time. From what I could see it looked like a cute little bakery. But sadly, my laziness has prevented me from ever stopping by during business hours.

Until now. I was in Oakmont this past Saturday when Boy and some friends and I went to a screening of Empire Records at The Oaks Theater (April 8th is Rex Manning Day –  a national holiday, in case you didn’t know). Oakmont Bakery is just a few blocks away so we girls ran down while the guys stayed at the bar and drank their stupid beer.


I don’t know how else to describe it. I just don’t have the words. The bakery has moved to a much bigger space since I drove by a couple of years ago and it is gigantanormous. And not only have they moved to a bigger space, they have 2 spaces next door to each other and I was told that a third building is in the works. I’m not even sure what the second and third buildings are for; maybe that’s where the kitchen is? I was too overwhelmed to ask.

I mean, this place is a metropolis of baked goods. A cake-opolis. The space is long and narrow and the length is lined with cases of cakes, paczki, brownies, cannolis, cookies, pies and anything else your heart could ever desire. There were so many options, and the place was so crowded, that I couldn’t spend as much time as I wanted walking back and forth looking at everything.

I decided on the Oakmont Cream paczki, two brownies, and two Double Trouble Chocloate Cupcakes. I ate the paczek in bed that night while watching a rerun of Friends (eating cake in bed while watching TV is my absolute favorite thing to do). The photos don’t do it justice. These things are huge. Quite a bit bigger than my fist.


And once again, sorry for the terrible photos. I snapped them really fast before this paczek disappeared.

Paczki are very similar to donuts, but bigger and better. The Oakmont Cream is filled with a light chocolate buttercream and the entire thing is glazed. There is no frosting on top but it does have some of the buttercream on top instead. And oh my god… it was phenomenal. It had the perfect amount of flakiness and sweetness and gooiness. I will never again waste my time on a donut.

I ate the cupcake and the brownie the next day and I ate them so fast that I didn’t get any pictures. I’ve had their brownies before and knew they were good, but I forgot just how amazing they are. My only complaint is that they could be bigger. But do you know that brownie taste? Like, when you make boxed (gasp!) brownies and the edges have that brownie taste? Well, this entire brownie tasted like that and to top it off, it was frosted with the most amazing fudge frosting I’ve ever had.

The Double Trouble cupcake consisted of a fluffy yet moist chocolate cake. It was topped with the same buttercream that was in the paczek and on top of that was a layer of fudge frosting, kind of like an ice cream shell but not quite. And don’t get me wrong, this cupcake was really good. But the paczek and the brownie were phenomenal.

I cannot WAIT to go back. And I’ll try to slow down next time and take some photos but you can always check out photos on their website here and on Facebook here.

I think… yep… I’ve just made a decision: from this point forward if I’m going to cheat on my diet, it’s going to be at Oakmont Bakery.



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