Carrot Cake Cheesecake Cake

I really outdid myself this time.

Ok, maybe the recipe deserves more credit than I do. I saw it on Facebook and thought it would be perfect for Easter. You can check it out here on Shugary Sweets’ blog. The recipe seemed like it might be somewhat complicated (for me, anyway) but it turned out to be pretty easy to make. There are just a lot of steps.

The first step is to fill a roasting pan with about an inch of water and put it in the oven while it’s preheating. Easy peasy lemon squeazy. The next step is to line a springform pan with parchment paper. This is where things got tricky. I had a pretty hard time cutting the paper and I kept thinking, how am I going to make a 3 layer carrot cake cheesecake cake if I can’t even cut parchment paper into a circle?!

I blame the scissors.


Anyway, I managed to line the pan and the wrap it in foil. I had a serious fear that water would still leak into the springform pan so I made sure the foil went pretty high up the sides of the pan.


The actual mixing and baking was pretty easy. When the cheesecake batter was ready I filled the foil-covered, parchment paper-lined spingform pan and put it in the preheated, water-filled roasting pan. It bakes for 45 minutes and then you turn the oven off and let it sit for 30 minutes. And then you take it out and let it cool completely. Once it was cool I removed the foil and guess what… water leaked everywhere. Of course my worst fear had been realized. I removed the sides of the springform and more water leaked out. The edges of the cheesecake were wet and kinda gross but the rest of it still looked good so I let it sit out and hoped it would dry.


I started mixing the carrot cake batter while the cheesecake was hanging out in the oven. Mixing and baking were really easy, but the top of the layers crusted. Originally I thought I’d level them but the layers were kind of thin to begin with, and hello, I’m lazy. I wondered if it would even be noticeable so I decided to leave them the way they were. Turns out it wasn’t noticeable at all.

Meanwhile, the cheesecake had not dried. I put it in the fridge, thinking it would set and the grossness would go away. Of course that’s not how it happened. I stuck my finger in the side and took a lick. So gross. So I used a butter knife to trim the wet part from the edges.

The cheesecake layer was already a little smaller than the carrot cake layers and trimming it made it even smaller. Not much I could do about that so I figured I’d just put more frosting around the cheesecake layer.


Also, notice how the sides of the carrot cake are slanted? My cake pans must be slanted but I don’t think I’ve ever noticed it or had a problem with it before. But of course I was getting worried that the cake would have lumpy sides.

If you decide to try this recipe I have just one tip for you: do not let the butter and cream cheese sit out all day. It got way too warm and the frosting was pretty runny. I had a hard time getting it to stay on the cake which made it difficult to even out the sides. I stuck with it though, using an icing smoother and filling in the holes. I was surprised by how good it turned out. My cakes don’t usually look that good. It looked so good that two people asked me if I’d bought it (not sure if I should be offended by that).

I threw some chopped walnuts on top, and tada! (I didn’t put walnuts all the way around because I assumed my nephew wouldn’t eat it. I believe his mother also told him that it was a pumpkin cake because he probably wouldn’t go near anything with “carrot” in the name.)

By the way, once the frosting was made I had no words for it… I was so happy that there was some left over after the cake was frosted and I ate spoonfuls of it.

That’s a lie. I licked it off the spatula.

I could not believe how good it was. I mean, I like cream cheese frosting as much as the next guy but wow.

The first slice of cake I had was kind of warm. I don’t usually like cold cake, but cheesecake should be cold. It was good but the warm cheesecake layer kind of threw me off. That just meant that I had to have another slice and it was so good. The frosting kind of crusted in the fridge and that just made it even better.

These photos don’t make it look great but I assure you that this cake is amazing. Try it!

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