Bacon Bombs

Happy Birthday to Have & Eat Cakery! I can’t believe it’s been a year. That’s probably because I hardly ever post. Oops. I had every intention of posting once a week but if I baked once a week I would weigh no less than 1000 lbs. Eating out less has also helped a lot in the weight loss department. I’m down 47.6 lbs!! I guess it was kind of dumb to start a baking blog right before I went on a diet but at the time this diet wasn’t even an idea in my head. I’ll be slightly more adventurous once I reach my goal weight/size/decide I’m done with this garbage. Anyway, I swore I wouldn’t turn this into a healthy weight loss blog, so on to the food!

I made these bacon bombs once before and I think I mentioned them in a post but didn’t actually post about them. It was another case of I-ate-that-so-fast-I-didn’t-have-a-chance-to-take-photos. They’re délicieux and I was looking for something easy. We all know how that goes for me. I was going to a party, and while I would have loved to make buffalo chicken dip there was no where to plug in a crock pot at a park. The bacon bombs are best right out of the oven but I figured they’d hold up pretty well.

I’d heard that they were expecting about 75 people at the party and I wanted to make sure I made a decent amount. I decided on 100, especially after I saw how cheap the items I needed were at Aldi. Only 48 cents for a can of biscuit dough! I’m on a tight budget at the moment and I nearly did a happy dance right there in the store. I’ve always had an aversion to Aldi, I think because that’s one of the places Mama Bear used to drag me to when I was younger and I had to follow her around while she looked at every. Single. Thing. But I have to admit, it is super cheap so I may have to give Aldi another chance. I got everything I needed there and then got foil pans with lids at Big Lots (another store that makes me twitch) and a 50 cent Tupperware-type container at Walmart.

Does anyone else hate opening refrigerated biscuit containers? I know they’re going to pop but I jump every time. And in this case I got to open 10 of them. Anyway, I laid out 3 baking sheets and squeezed 50 biscuits onto them. That meant I’d only have to make 2 batches. I thought, these will be done in no time!

Only it took me 45 minutes to put the first batch together. FORTY-FIVE MINUTES. After the 50 biscuits were on the baking sheets I had to cut the string cheese (my new bestie Aldi didn’t have cubed cheese). Mmm, cheese…

Ok, I was probably moving a little on the slow side (I’m teased about it taking me 3 hours to make spaghetti). And apparently I’m a slow learner because I put the cheese on first and then the bacon bits wouldn’t stay on. I got through about 40 of them before I realized that I should be putting the bacon on first. Hrm.

Then I had to fold the sides of the biscuits up and and roll them into a neat little ball. I remembered from the first time I made them that the cheese leaked quite a bit, so I made sure they were sealed well this time.

Of course the first batch got just a tad burned on the bottom. Of course. But still edible. I moved them to the foil container right away to keep them from burning any more, and brushed them with the butter, Italian seasoning and garlic powder mixture. And then I had to wait patiently for them to cool so I wouldn’t get seriously injured while tasting one. I’ve burned my mouth way to many times.

I got started on the next batch and this one took considerably less time. I think the original recipe calls for 20 biscuits so it shouldn’t take very long if you’re going to make a normal skinny-person amount.

The 2nd batch consisted of 48 biscuits… and I still had a can of biscuits left over. I’d bought 10 cans and they each contained 10 biscuits. So how did I end up with 108?! Even if I’d bought 12 cans without realizing it, that still wouldn’t explain how I ended up with 108?! Whatever. I didn’t feel guilty eating a few since there were extras.

And man, are they good. Especially hot out of the oven when the cheese is all gooey…

I only regret not taking a photo of the inside.

I can’t find the post where I mentioned these but I know it exists. I remember talking about the different variations that could be made: cheeseburger bombs, pepperoni bombs… and I think pepperoni bombs would be way better with the pizza sauce than the bacon (I don’t think anyone touched the sauce at the party). Don’t get my wrong, bacon pizza is my favorite kind of pizza. The sauce just didn’t go well with the bacon bombs fir some reason.

And can I just say that I thought it was really cool that the party hosts provided to-go containers for everyone. There was so much food and they knew a lot would go to waste so they had everyone take some home. SO MUCH FOOD. I’m pretty sure I gained that 1000 lbs this weekend.



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